A dreamer and a wanderer, I have always loved traveling, living, growing, exploring. I adore my husband, sons and labrador, but I am forever thinking of and planning that next trip. Whether a weekend down the coast or something further afield, my heart yearns to see and experience as much as it can in this one life of mine. Determined not to let motherhood or marriage alter my passion for seeing the world, instead I believe I can have my cake- and eat it too. Not always easy, fun or regular, but always possible.

I am a 30-something teacher, born in the country and raised in the city. I married a man from my birthplace and we now live in Wollongong, a bustling coastal city nestled between the ocean and the escarpment, south of Sydney.

I began this blog not because I am the world’s biggest or best traveler, in fact, I’m far from it! Thousands of people have and will travel more than me, to more exotic places and with more children. Travel is not a competition, it’s an experience. I love to write, however, and I love to travel so I’m happy to combine both and share- even if for the single purpose of recording my own adventures and for my own amusement. I also began this blog because when I had my first son in late 2017 I searched endlessly for travel blogs, travel tips and travel destinations all related to traveling with a baby, and was deeply frustrated at the lack of information. There seemed to be a real lack of information on travel destinations with an infant under 12 months. I don’t believe this blog goes half way to meeting that criteria, but I certainly hope to try and comment on as many things as I know myself would want to read and know, especially about travel firsts. I hope you enjoy.