Fitzroy Falls

It had been a rainy week. I was itching to get out on the weekend and even more determined to make Sunday a Family ‘fun-day’. So, I told my husband to get the kids ready, start the car, and we were off on our little adventure. What better time to go and see some fairly local falls we hadn’t been to in years, right after a week of solid rain?

Fitzroy Falls is approx 1 hour from Wollongong and is in Morton National Park. There are two ways to access the area- via Picton Rd and the Hume Highway or you can wind your way up Macquarie Pass. It always makes me sick, but it’s quicker, so we went that way again. Unfortunately our 9 month old didn’t sleep in the car, so it was in our trusty Tula carrier for him, before we decided to take the West Rim walk at approx 3.6km return. I was carrying the baby and our 2.5 yr old walked for the most part. A small part of this walk- to the main lookout- is pram friendly. After that it becomes muddier (when wet) and there are stairs so you can really only do a 10 min round trip with the pram. There was once an amazing cafe here that did excellent gluten free food as well, but I guess… Covid. We didn’t end up going inside the visitor’s centre as you had to sign in and we were just ready to get cracking.

This was a great, family friendly walk. A little taxing with a 2.5 year old on your shoulders asleep all the way home, but, he would have managed, if it had not been nap time (parenting fail #101). Lots of vantage points of the falls and places to stop. Hindsight would have seen us take more snacks and drinks and we could have stopped along the way and taken our time. It was a pretty walk and we shared the path with lots of other explorers. I’d thoroughly recommend this particular route if your children are young or you’re using carriers. We also managed to head out there after some heavy rain, and the falls were the most impressive i’ve seen them. I hope to return again soon and do the East Rim Track which will take a little longer.

WEST RIM TRACK- Fitzroy Falls

Grade: easy

Duration: 1.5 hours

How to get there: Fitzory Falls is about 1.10 hours from Wollongong. You need to take Macquarie Pass and pass through Robertson. Alternatively you can go through Berry and Kangaroo Valley. It’s a lovely area and there’s lots to explore around the area.

What to take:

  • carrier
  • snacks
  • drinks
  • camera/selfie stick (epic views)


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