Matilda’s Farmyard Nursery

One thing we can thank Covid for is the need to look locally for adventures rather than always seeking what’s across the continent or globe. After my desperation to escape my ordinary for a weekend was quelled by a trip down to Canberra and Corin Forest, I was told by a friend of a local business that was doing it tough. Could we help? Absolutely!

About 20 minutes from us was this quaint house on a stunning property and a yard filled with animals. They’re a gig that usually bring their farmyard animals (many babies) to you- but with restrictions they’ve been unable to come out, so they’ve adjusted to let us in. We were able to book a one hour time slot (perfect amount of time) and a one family/car policy at the moment meant we had the place, the animals, and the owner, to ourselves.

If you love baby animals, soft fur, friendly llamas and stunning escarpment views, this is an experience for you and your kids. Big or little, all are enchanted. I’m pretty sure I loved this farm visit more than my almost 3 year old!

We had our pick of many different types of rabbits, baby (and mummy) guinea pigs, lambs, calves, pigs, ducks and ducklings, baby goats, llamas, big goats and more. Many were in their caged homes (such as the rabbits) which were opened and we were allowed to pat them, hold, cuddle or feed them. Some were roaming free around the yard, and some were in little gated sections, that we could enter. It was $50 for a carload and worth it, knowing that the money is used to feed these animals.


So if you have a spare hour free and would love to indulge in some cutesie animals and know you’re helping out a local, please check them out on Facebook or their website and grab a slot. It won’t disappoint!


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