Minnamurra Falls

Over a year ago I hit up the Loop Walk at Minnamurra Rainforest, and last weekend we decided to head back and try out the Waterfall walk which was now open. I have to say, I’m a little disappointed it’s taken us this long to get back, but through in work, another baby and golf (my husband…) weekends are just so precious these days.

Again I don’t think I had seen the falls since I was a kid and really remembered nothing about them. It was an overcast morning and I thought, naively, we’d be the only ones on the track. There were LOTS of people, of all ages and stages, climbing up to see the falls. I’m putting their popularity down to the recent downpours the Illawarra has had, and everyone probably had the same idea as us- now would be a fantastic time to see the waterfall with all the extra water we’ve had. 

This time we drove there from Rose Valley on the South Coast (read more about our overnight stay there here (*coming)) and it took approx. half an hour. The visitor’s centre is currently undergoing change- and it looks pretty amazing so far, though I’m unsure about when it will be open. The toilets and care are still accessible and you now use an electronic system to print your tickets, though I tried three machines and couldn’t type our rego details into any of them without a hiccup- the touch screens weren’t so… touch friendly it seems.

We followed the arrows to the waterfall, and despite many protests from me, my husband assured me we were going the right way, and we were, just the LONG way. It incorporated over half of the loop walk before the turn off to the Falls. 

This walk was actually gruelling (for me). WAY harder than I remember, and pretty much all uphill. Three months post partum I would have struggled anyway but I also had a 2 year old toddler on my back (do not ask my why I offered to take him and not the baby) and my calves are still feeling it today! This could actually be a pram friendly walk. There is a boardwalk the entire way with no stairs- and we did see one pram along the way. Honestly though, don’t. Don’t do it to yourself. Carry if you have to, but pushing a pram up there (and back down) would be some kind of torture.

I thought the falls were pretty wonderful and full, though not spectacularly high although my husband was actually a bit disappointed (I think he was expecting the likes of Russell Falls in Tasmania…) but it was a lovely and refreshing rainforest walk which I’m glad we did it as I don’t think I’ll be making the trek up there again until both boys can walk on their own! It probably took us a good hour and a half return trip with lots of pauses for me and some time taking piccies and admiring the falls at the top. Please be aware that little ones (under 4) might find it a tough walk and if you classify yourself as unfit, you will likely find it a slog, though thankfully, not a particularly long one!


Grade: hard

Duration: 2 hours. We went the long way and incorporated most of the Rainforest Loop walk as well (unintentional- thanks to poor signage)

How to get there: Head down the south coast, south of Sydney, heading towards Albion Park where you turn right at the big roundabout towards Jamberoo. You can literally follow signs to  ‘Minnamurra Falls’ or, you know, use your GPS.

What to take:

  • Camera
  • A jacket than can second as a raincoat (it was sunny when we left but rained at points… who would’ve known!
  • Snacks (or $$ if you want to support their little shop)
  • Baby carrier

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